WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A Wichita police officer is in critical but stable condition after a shootout Saturday night at a home on the city's south side.

Deputy Wichita Police Chief Jose Salcido said in a briefing Sunday that officers were called at approximately 10:15 p.m. to check on the welfare of two people at a home in the 500 block of West Carlyle. During the course of the investigation, officers learned that the woman had a physical disturbance with her boyfriend, 28-year-old Tyler Hodge. She believed that Hodge had left the home.

Because Hodge's vehicle was still at the address, officers checked around the outside to make sure that the victim and her daughter were safe. While doing this, two officers found Hodge in a detached shed, armed with a rifle. Hodge ran toward the officers and fired multiple times.

The officers took cover and alerted other officers that shots had been fired. Multiple officers arrived soon after to provide assistance. When they arrived, Hodge began firing upon them, striking one officer several times. The injured officer fired back, and, under suppressive fire from other officers was pulled to safety and rushed by police car to an area hospital.

Deputy Chief Salcido said Hodge continued to fire at officers as he moved to the front of his home. At the front of the home, officers saw Hodge with a rifle to his shoulder, and an officer fired one shot that struck Hodge. 

Officers then moved Hodge to a safe location where they began performing life-saving measures. Other officers continued to check the property to make sure that there was no danger to the community. Hodge died on scene. 

Hodge fired 18 times toward officers that struck one patrol vehicle and three nearby houses.

One of those homes is owned by David Tally. Tally has lived in that neighborhood for 15 years and says something like this has never happened there before.

He was on his porch watching the exchange between officers and Hodge when a bullet ricocheted next to him and went through his front door. A second one went through his wall. That's when he and his wife fled to their kitchen to take cover behind their fridge.

“It actually scared the hell out of me really," he told KAKE News

Multiple officers fired multiple times during the incident. During the investigation, a loaded handgun was found in the detached shed, and detectives learned that Hodge suffered from mental health crises before and had previously made statements about wanting to be shot by police. 

The officers involved have been put on paid administrative leave, as is common protocol during incidences such as these. The investigation is ongoing and will be presented to the Sedgwick County district attorney's office.

The WPD has asked for the help of the KBI in an effort to be transparent and accountable. 

One of the two officers has been on the force for five years, the other for four. 

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A Wichita police officer is in critical condition and a suspect is dead after a shootout Saturday night at a home in South Wichita.

Police were called around 10:15 p.m. to check the welfare of two women at a home in the 500 block of west Carlyle.

"When two Wichita police officers arrived on scene, they began to take fire from a suspect inside the residence," said Capt. Wendell Nicholson. "One officer was shot multiple times and was taken to an area hospital. As other officers arrived, they continued to take from the suspect."

Officers shot and killed the suspect.

The officer was taken to the hospital in critical condition.