(KAKE) - For nearly forty years, thousands of families have been connected by KyMel, Inc. whose mission is to make sure children with cancer get to just be a kid and have a blast at summer camp.

“At the end of the week they never want to go home,” said KyMel Vice President, Gail Moeder.

At Camp Hope, kids who have, or have had cancer, come together for a week of swimming, basketball, campfires, and so much more with friends who know what it’s like.

“It just gives them a chance to bond with someone who understands what they’ve been through,” said Moeder.

And Camp SIBsational, where the focus is on the siblings, who also walk through the cancer journey.

“Many times the siblings tend to be left out a little bit, certainly not on purpose, but it just happens by nature. Because the parents spend more time with the child that is going through the treatment,” said Moeder.

Kids make lifelong connections with friends they keep up with year-round, counting down until they see each other again.

“When they get to camp, it’s just like old home week you know. They just get right back into their friendships and go out and have fun and just have a chance to be kids!” said Moeder.

If you would like to donate, learn more, or register for camp, visit KyMel.org

“Thank you to DeVaughn James and KAKE TV for this grant. We will use it for camp expenses for both of our in-person camps and also our virtual camp for those who can’t attend in person. Thank you for all you do,” said Moeder.