WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - The tragic shootings in Boulder, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia are putting the spotlight on gun laws across the nation. 

The country's lawmakers are taking notice, attempting to pass a bi-partisan background check act that would expand background checks on firearm sales. 
Other federal legislation could be in the works, too. 
But what about the gun laws here in Kansas? 
We took questions about waiting periods, background checks and the purchase of automatic weapons to the experts at Roth Davies Law Firm. 
1. Is there a waiting period in Kansas for gun sales? 
"So long as your background check comes back the same day, there is no waiting period," says attorney Brandan Davies. 
2. What are the background check requirements in Kansas? 
Generally, federal law requires federally licensed firearms dealers to perform background checks before the gun is sold. 
Federal law does not require private sellers to initiate background checks, though. 
Kansas law also doesn't require unlicensed sellers to check a buyer's background. 

 “As long as you knew I was a Kansas resident and you were a Kansas resident and you didn’t have reason to believe that I was prohibited from having a firearm, you could just sell it to me," says Davies. 

3. What are automatic weapons and does Kansas allow the sale of them? 
State law categorizes automatic weapons as ones that can discharge multiple times with a single pull of the trigger. 
Kansas law generally prohibits selling, possessing and carrying automatic weapons. 
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