(KAKE) - A treasured building in Russell has seen its share of history, and now volunteers are trying to keep the dream alive during a pandemic.

“The Dream Theatre started in 1923 I think it was, and then a fire happened in 1947, burnt it down. They rebuilt it in 1949 to what it is today,” said board member, Keith Haberer.

Now solely operated by volunteers, the art deco style Dream Theater closed the curtains in March because of COVID-19. But the community kept showing their support.

“We started to do the curbside pickups for concessions. So, we could sell popcorn, pop, any of the concessions and keep that going and raise a little bit of money,” said Haberer.

They safely reopened on Labor Day weekend of last year, practicing social distancing, mask wearing, and extra sanitation.

“While we don’t have big crowds, it’s enough to keep us going,” said board member David Munday.

These board members are dreaming of the day the Dream Theatre can be packed once again.

“I’m just mostly excited to be able to see people come back in, relax and enjoy the movie and have a full crowd in here,” said Munday.

KAKE News and the DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to present the Dream Theatre with a $500 check as this week’s “Wins for Kansas” recipient.

“Thank you DeVaughn James and KAKE TV for the donation to the Dream Theatre. We’re going to use it to upgrade our sound system in the theatre. Thank you!”