(KAKE) - Grace Multiplied helps women get their life back after coming out of unthinkable situations.

“Women coming out of abuse, addiction, sex trafficking, so they stay with us for 12 months to start a new life in Christ and build a strong foundation and learn job skills,” said founder, Rebecca Billups.

Through their faith-based, residential program, they learn life skills like cooking, budgeting, finance, and other job skills to help them move forward.

“A lot of them are coming out of real struggles, whether it’s addiction or abuse or sex trafficking. And they really need a firm foundation to be able to start a new life and have a transformation in their life,” said Billups.

And even after graduating from the program, those relationships continue with fellowship.

If you know someone who could use help, visit their website at GraceMultipliedKS.com.

To help with their mission, KAKE TV and DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to have them as this week’s, “Wins for Kansas.”

“The DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers wants to thank Grace Multiplied for helping women in need. We love what you’re doing and we’re excited to help,” said Dustin DeVaughn of DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers.

“We want to thank KAKE News and DeVaughn James for giving us this amazing donation. This will help us purchase program supplies for our women coming out of abuse, addiction, and sex trafficking. Thank you so much for making the difference,” said Billups.