A class is inspiring entrepreneurial thinking inside the El Dorado Correctional Facility.

For two years, Gabe Morales has been teaching a 13-week entrepreneurship class inside the prison.

"They can learn to be passionate about something positive and they understand that win-win inside the facility can be good for everybody. If it's good for them and the facility, life will be a little bit easier. You want these guys to learn to think positively," said Morales.

The class is organized by Youth Entrepreneurs, a non-profit organization founded in Wichita, that  instills entrepreneurial and economic principles to high school students across the United States.

"In here, we talk all about creating opportunity. If they can find a way to create work, to be their own boss, instead of having a boss, it'll benefit them in the long run. And then, if they can also contribute to their neighborhoods and their communities, a little bit, bonus," said Morales.

Interested students must be on good behavior, apply for the class, and pass an interview with Morales. The next class begins in August.

"It's not about the person they are when they came in, you really want to affect them, so they're a better person when they go out and YE does all of that," he said.

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