After months of obscurity, the Wichita police officer behind the high profile shooting of Andrew Finch makes an unexpected appearance in court. 

"I fired one shot and struck that individual" said officer Justin Rapp as he testified in court Tuesday.

Admitting he shot Finch last December, Rapp steps into the spotlight.  

Up until now police policy has prevented the department  from releasing the officers name. 

Rapp a U-S Army Veteran, joined the force in 2010 and was the face of the department on  the FOX-TV show COPS.

Officer Rapp and his patrol south partner appeared in several episodes of the show.  

Since the Finch swatting incident rapp has been taken off the streets and placed on administrative duty, even though the District Attorney ruled based on Kansas law, no charges would be filed against Rapp, who the DA says acted reasonably based on what the officer knew at the time of the shooting.