The tragic demise of 22-year-old Paoly Bedeski shook the community of Wichita, sparking a relentless quest for accountability surrounding her untimely death. Questions regarding the failure to locate her and the inexplicable cascade of errors leading to such a devastating outcome are examined. KAKE goes on an investigative journey to dissect the events of that fateful night when Paoly found herself trapped, shedding light on the unfolding of events and the systemic failures that contributed to the tragedy. Through exclusive footage and interviews with survivors, KAKE meticulously reconstructs the sequence of events during the Brookhollow Apartment fire, delving into the controversy surrounding Paoly's death and the lack of effective communication. The findings unearthed by KAKE are chilling and raise further questions, leaving the community grappling with the unsettling truth of what transpired. Hosted by Shane Ewing of Good Morning Kansas, and developed by KAKE’s award-winning Originals team.