(CNN) - A church in Tennessee is making headlines for hosting an AR-15 raffle giveaway. 

The River of the Tri-Cities Church is in Johnson City. Senior Pastor Todd Holmes said the giveaway was in celebration of Independence Day and meant to honor the Constitution and Second Amendment. 

"I know what our rights are as citizens of the United States and I know what our rights are as citizens of heaven also," Senior Pastor Todd Holmes said. And I'm not an American nationalist or whatever people wanna try to label me as. I'm a Christian and I happen to own firearms. I like to be able to have them. I like them for hunting. I like them for self defense. And so that's the reason we're doing what we're doing."

Holmes said the church is taking every precaution to ensure the winner of the raffle clears a background check.

According to the church, they have had other raffles for boats, cars and NASCAR tickets.