DERBY, Kan. (KAKE) - The city of Derby is dealing with the aftermath of an early 4th of July celebration/explosion inside a park bathroom. 

“We close our restrooms from July 3rd through the 5th,” said Steve White, Derby parks director. 

White says that every bathroom in Derby parks is closed during the height of firework season. Largely in an attempt to prevent damage like what recently happened in Hand Park. The bathrooms close 3 p.m. July 3rd and reopen the morning of July 5th.

“July 4th season, you know firework season, we always have kids that want to go out and experiment with what they’ve just purchased and it's something we anticipate,” said White. 

The city has been closing all park bathrooms during this time for more than 10 years. One bathroom in Hand Park was damaged by a firework in the night between July 1st and 2nd. The damage is already cleaned up and the city is working to replace the toilet. 


“Every time people perform vandalism acts it ends up costing us money and time and labor to make those repairs and get things back to normal,” said White. 

Each toilet in a Derby park bathroom costs $400. The city did file a police report but, there is no security footage of the vandalism. 

“This park is our second oldest park that came into existence back in the mid 1950s so we do not have camera or wifi capabilities in the park,” said White. 

The city doesn’t know who did this but it hopes to find out. 

As for others that might have thoughts to recreate this?

“Just be respectful of the public and public property,” said White.

The bathroom at High Park in Derby is the only one that will be open on July 4th, during the city of Derby’s firework celebration. 

All the Derby park bathrooms will reopen Friday morning.