KANSAS (KAKE) - With the "Cash or KTAG" lanes now painted over along I-35, and the booths that still had workers in them Sunday now covered up with big signs, it's a new era of highway interstate in Kansas.

"It's pretty nice so far. I wish the speed limit was a little higher. But other than that it seems good," said Trapper McFerron.

McFerron and his family live in Arizona and are headed to Wisconsin for the holiday. He says he could tell something was very different this time after crossing into Kansas.

"We came through last year. Had to stop all the time to pay. So it was nice just to come through. I mean, I wish there were no tolls, but at least we're not stopping," said McFerron.

As of Monday, for the first time, drivers don't have to stop a single time in the state while traveling on I-35 to get a ticket or pay at the booth, even if they exit.

Steven Carter says he was excited to save time when he first got a KTAG years ago so he wouldn't have to stop and pay cash. But said he often still had to slow down and wait for the gate to let cars through one by one, so he says his experience Monday was already much better.

"You don't have to bother with the people pulling off to go through this slow stuff," Carter said. "I enjoy not having to stop."

Carter says the new system couldn't be more simple.

As you drive down the interstate, you'll notice big new metal sensors every so often. Simply drive through at full speed, and the state will either charge your KTAG account or mail you a bill.

Drivers like Carter and McFerron say they can tell the time saved will add up fast, but they hope other travelers will have a little extra patience this week heading into the holiday.

"Pay attention to what's going on around you," said Carter.

"Drive safe. Stay on the freeways. Take the places you don't have to stop like these roads," said McFerron.

The Kansas Turnpike Authority says its website will be down for about a week while it transitions to the new system. You won't be able to get into your account at first, but it says not to worry because KTA will not charge any late fees during this time.