WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - It has been almost a year since then 23-year-old Jaylen Thomas went inside City Nightz club on Washington Street, shooting wildly injuring 11 people with two being trampled. 

The building has been sitting empty since August of 2023 almost a month after the shooting happened on July 2.   

Chief Joe Sullivan said since the shooting, there has been new legislation and requirements put in place.   

"The new ordinance requires you have a serial malt beverage license or a dance and entertainment license that there be a security plan and we require those security plans to involve wanding,"  said Sullivan.   

With Kansas being an open carry state, people can carry guns without a permit. Chief Sullivan said it is up to owners of establishments to safeguard against weapons before they make it in the door. 

Thomas along with two others were charged with several counts including aggravated battery, aggravated assault and weapons charges.

Bail was set for Thomas at 500,000 dollars but shortly thereafter, he was set free after making his bond. 

"The judge also has the right to consider the crime, the strength of the evidence and whether that person has failed to appear for court in the past so judges do have leeway if it's a capital case bail does not have to be given,"  said Sullivan.   

While it is not confirmed Thomas bailed out for less than the standard 10 percent on a bond.

Sullivan added, "There is a change to the bail bond laws that are coming on July 1st which I think will help this and this is something that I have pushed for.” 

The former City Nightz club building has been sitting dormant since August of 2023 but new tenants moved in on Tuesday.