HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KAKE) - Damage, theft, and vandalism, that’s what the city of Haysville has been dealing with in its 15 public parks. 

“The routine this year has been breaking the toilets, the urinals, and the sinks. Sometimes 2 days after the new sink, or urinal, or sink was installed it was broken again,” said Tony Martinez, Haysville public works director. 

One fixture was installed June 5th and by June 7th it was destroyed. It is 3-500 dollars each time an individual unit is broken. Martinez says this is a growing issue that began just a week before school let out. 

“They took the mechanical items that run the toilet which have very little value. So we’re dealing with thieves but also teenage kids probably doing kinda not the right kind of things,” said Martinez. 

He says every park in Haysville has been targeted in one way or another causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Many of the bathrooms are closed due to ongoing repairs. 


Someone also stole 600 feet of wire that lit 4 antique lights along Meridian-worth more than $1,000. Now those lights are out of commission until the wiring is redone. 

“Really what caught me was the brazen act of doing that-like literally thinking of going underground and stealing the wire that's underground, probably a foot to two feet deep, probably in the middle of the night on a high traffic road is kinda crazy,” said Martinez. 

Martinez grew up in Haysville and says that makes these senseless acts of vandalism even more upsetting. 

“It’s sad. I mean we’ve always encountered vandalism and theft but in the last year or two we’ve seen that increase especially this summer. These are amenities that as public servants we want for our community to enjoy and when people come in and do these things they aren’t enjoying them,” said Martinez. 

There are security cameras at the parks in Haysville and the police are increasing their patrols in the area to dissuade continuous theft and violence. 

"But we do need the public's help. If you see something call us, call 911,” said Martinez. 

The city asks anyone who sees anything suspicious to call crime stoppers or 911. 

The city is also looking into getting steel replacements for the porcelain sinks and toilets currently used in its public bathrooms at the parks as another preventative measure.