PARK CITY, Kan. (KAKE) - Sedgwick County has declared the large fire burning at the Evergreen Recycling plant in Park City a local state of emergency as crews continue work to contain it.

When stepping outside, you can see smoke filling the sky from miles away as bright orange flames have continued to rage on throughout Sunday night and into Monday evening.

Fire crews were called to the area around 7:30 Sunday night on a report of a brush fire. Since then firefighters have been out there nonstop working to keep the fire from spreading to any of the local homes or businesses.

"Our priority is to protect these exposures and not get anyone hurt. We have not had any report of any injuries and we want to keep it that way," said Sedgwick County Fire Marshal Brad Crisp. He says the current goal isn't to extinguish it but instead to keep the fire contained.

Driving on I-235 North towards Park City you can see smoke in the air for miles on end leading to the blazing fire at the plant.

"When my wife drove by yesterday the flames themselves were probably twice as high as any of the buildings in the surrounding area so it's pretty wild to see," said Ryan Brasfield who works at a business on the other side of the fence from the plant.

This is the third time in ten years the recycling plant has caught fire. Brasfield says he remembers the last time in October 2022 well and he wants to know why this continues to be an issue.

"Last time it encroached on our property a little bit closer than what it did this go around," he said.

He says since then he's taken precautions to move equipment further away from the fence to be proactive.

People in the community have also stopped by to help out in any way they can. Sunday night Pizza Hut gave dinner to the firefighters and Monday morning some people who saw the smoke stopped by to drop off smoothies.

"We've seen that its been burning for awhile so we're gonna come here and just give it to them," said Scott Thompson. He also brought cookies.

There's also a cooling center set up so the firefighters can take breaks in air conditioned areas, stay hydrated, and make sure they're being safe while working to keep the flames down.

Tomorrow morning the Kansas National Guard is going to fly out to spray water on the area to help put it out.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. There is also no time line for when it might be fully out.