WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Hundreds of people are in Wichita for what's called The Elsewhere Fest, a two-day music and art festival downtown. 

Organizers say Elsewhere Fest is a way to build community in Wichita and the music scene. 

“It feels amazing, we didn't know what to expect. This is the first festival. And we were excited we were invited,” said Twink Drumz, a member of Mambo Sauce from DC.

Mambo Sauce a Go-Go group from Washington DC made the trip.

“I think it's really cool. It's really cool that you guys did like everything all downtown Wichita it's just like a big music festival, I think it's fun,” said Chelsea Chotinikorn, from Tulsa.

Jessie Hartke organized the first time festival.

“We have been so lucky to work with amazing musicians and visual artists for years. Lots of people have had amazing concepts over time. And this is finally the right moment to bring them all together and bring this event to our city,” said Jessie Hartke, President of Midtopia and Festival Director of Elsewhere Fest.

Also at the festival were Pro-Palestine supporters. They're boycotting the event, handing out flyers to people at the festival, and marching around. Their mission is to educate.

“Midtopia is kind of like, they work with lots of local musicians and stuff. But people don't realize it because it's funded by KOCH, which gives millions of dollars to Israel. Especially their technology sector,” said Easton Vogt with Free Palestine ICT.

Hartke declined to really discuss the protests and where the group gets its funding. She did say everyone seemed to be enjoying their time downtown.

“I haven't seen any. I've seen thousands of people who are here to celebrate our community, have a wonderful time. There might be a handful of others, but I’ve just seen people having fun,” said Hartke.

“We know many of the artists know about what we've been planning. We know that they know that. I can't say for the head organizer, I don't know them personally. But we do know that many of their musicians know,” said Vogt.

Chase Koch, the son of Koch Industries CEO Charles Koch posted on Linkedin that he's proud to support Midtopia and Elsewhere Fest.

Elsewhere Fest continues on Saturday. For more on the schedule click here.