HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KAKE) - A Texas family of taekwondo instructors helped stop a man allegedly attempting to assault a woman and pinned him down until authorities arrived, local police said.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says deputies were dispatched to the Yong-In Taekwondo Academy in Katy, Texas on Monday for a report of a disturbance. 

ABC-affiliate KTRK reports that the An family of five, owners of the Dojo, heard screams from the Cricket Wireless store next door. The first scream was shrugged off, but the family took action when they heard the second.

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"We heard the second scream, which was a horror scream," Simon An told KTRK. "Very loud."

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said that the family went next door and witnessed a man attempting to sexually assault a woman.

"The male then turned to attack the good samaritans," the sheriff said. "By utilizing their training and discipline, they managed to stop the assault and hold him."

"My dad just grabbed his shirt, twisted it so he doesn't move," Simon said, per KTRK. "He pinned him in the corner, and that's when he started assaulting my dad by biting him and scratching him."

Ten minutes later, the An family said the Harris County Sheriff's Office arrived and took the suspect, a 19-year-old man, into custody.