WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A large billboard stands in the sky just off of I-35 and 17th street in Wichita. With bright red letters it says "Warning" and goes on to say this is a racial profiling zone asking people to share their stories.

The billboard was put up by the Wichita racial profiling citizens advisory board. The board says the number of reports that are filed doesn't match what it hears from people in the community everyday and it wants to collect more data.

"We're finding that people are less likely to come forward. They don't feel like they're being heard," said Faith Martin who is the chair for the racial profiling advisory board.

She says the board thinks there are more instances happening that just aren't being reported and she wants people to know there's a safe space for them if they've experienced this.

She says in 2023 there was only one reported case by the Wichita Police Department and it was unfounded. She says this means it was found that no policies were violated. She said this doesn't reflect the experiences people tell her they're having.

"I don't know that I have an exact number but it's enough that we were so concerned that we wanted to make sure that we had a way for the community to know that there's a place they can tell their story," says Martin.

The advisory board hopes this sign will get people's attention and show them there are options if they think they are a victim of racial profiling. She says you are not alone in this.

"You know it's a scary situation. If you feel like you're not doing something wrong and then you get pulled over. We want really open, transparent investigations and so we just need more data to do that," she said.

Martin says the boards three main goals are to teach people their rights and give them resources, push for new policies that eliminate racial bias, and work with law enforcement to eliminate racial profiling. This includes some Jensen Hughes recommendations from a study on Wichita Police. The board said it's supportive of all the recommendations.

"When we hear from our partners in the Wichita Police Department we hear that there's movement on some of these," says Martin.

She says the board wants to create more transparency, accountability, and stronger relationships with law enforcement.

In a statement, Wichita Police Chief Joe Sullivan says, The Wichita Police Department is committed to ensuring fair and impartial policing practices within our community. We take allegations of racial profiling very seriously and strive to address any concerns raised by our citizens.

For more information on the Wichita Racial Profiling Citizens Advisory board click here.