WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A Wichita woman has pleaded guilty to killing her 14-year-old son before being shot by police earlier this year.

The Sedgwick County district attorney's office confirmed 43-year-old Kylee Hodges on Thursday pleaded guilty to first-degree murder for the shooting death of Claude Hodges Jr. on January 28.

His father told KAKE News he had gone that evening to pick up Claude for a weekly custody exchange, but he and Kylee never showed up.

"We text, we called her. Never responded. So we sent a welfare check to their apartment to see what's up and why," he said.

The Wichita Police Department said officers responded to the welfare check at Aspen Park Apartments near Central and Tyler and tried to establish contact by knocking and calling multiple times, but there was no response. They also discovered what appeared to be a bullet exit hole in the apartment's exterior wall and found an expended bullet on the ground outside the entry door. 

Police entered the apartment and found Kylee Hodges was holding a handgun and near a shotgun. They withdrew from the apartment and notified negotiators. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation said a tactical team arrived, and negotiators spent hours trying to convince Kylee to surrender. 

At around 1:40 the following morning, "Hodges quickly picked up the handgun again, and advanced toward officers while pointing the firearm in their direction," the KBI said. "Two SWAT officers from the WPD each fired one shot toward Hodges, striking her."

When officers went back in the apartment, they found Hodges dead in a bedroom. He'd been shot in his upper body. 

Kylee Hodges was treated at a local hospital and later booked into jail. A firm sentencing date has not been set, but the DA's office said it will be in July.