WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Monday the Wichita Public School district announced a proposed 5-year master plan to completely rebuild eight schools, remodel three buildings, and consolidate four elementary schools, two administrative buildings, and five alternative schools.

The district says it is looking at doing this for several reasons but overall it's to refine learning for every student throughout the district. One way it says this plan will do that is that the new schools will be bigger, creating room for a less traditional learning space. 

"Hand on learning, stem labs. They'll be things that will allow kids to be future ready. Kids that don't learn in the traditional way, that's the classroom of the future," said WPS Superintendent Kelly Bielefeld.

The presentation also included renderings of open learning spaces and outdoor learning areas.

Diane Albert, the WPS Board of Education vice president, says this is something that the school board has been wanting to incorporate. 

"If we really want to address the needs of students we have to kind of meet them where they're at and address those different learning styles so we truly do educate our students across the district," she said.

She said not every student learns the same and schools should address that.

The district also hopes this plan will make it where every school offers the same programs. Bielefeld said this will increase educational equity throughout the district.

"So you don't have to get on a bus to get ASL services across town. Every neighborhood school can be staffed and equipped to offer those services," he explains.

The district says wanting equal programs in all schools was one thing they were hearing a lot from the community. It says it's been gathering community feedback since January and the goals of what this plan will accomplish is based on that.

"They recognize the need to address our aging buildings and improve our facility conditions to better serve current and future students," said Bielefeld when talking about the community input.

Bielefeld said the plan has a lot of layers and moving parts to it. He explains it includes rebuilding Coleman and Truesdell middle school as well as Black, Irving, and McClean elementary schools.

OK, L'ouverture, Pleasant Valley, and Woodland elementary schools will all be closed/consolidated.

Bielefeld said these decisions are based off of where the most students live.

"We're placing the newer builds where the students are," he said.

The district mentioned a possible 450 million dollar bond to help pay for all of this and it says taxes would not increase. It explains this is because its been 16 years since the last bond issue and its been decreasing the mill rate for the last 13 years. It thinks this could keep the tax neutral.

The district presented this plan to the school board Monday night and now it wants to hear from you. There is a survey you can fill out to share your thoughts on it. You can also read the full presentation and watch the board meeting here. 

The district said it will look at the feedback and adjust its plan before presenting it to the school board again at the end of the month.