(CNN) — Talks to bring about a ceasefire and hostage deal that could stop the war in Gaza were thrown into doubt Tuesday evening when Israel characterized a Hamas response to the latest proposal as a rejection.

Hamas had submitted its response to Qatari mediators, proposing amendments to the Israeli proposal, including a timeline for a permanent ceasefire and complete Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, a source with knowledge of the talks told CNN earlier on Tuesday.

Talks are expected continue via the Qatari and Egyptian mediators in coordination with the United States to see if an agreement can be reached, the source added.

But in a potential sign of how Israel views the proposed amendments, one Israeli official speaking to CNN analyst Barak Ravid described Hamas’ response to the original deal as a rejection.

“Israel received Hamas’ response. Hamas rejected the proposal for a hostage deal, which was laid out by President Biden in his speech,” the source said according to Ravid’s post on X.

This follows a United Nations Security Council vote on Monday approving a US-backed resolution calling for ceasefire and laying out a plan to end the war. The comprehensive three-stage peace deal, which sets out conditions intended to lead to the eventual release of all remaining hostages, in return for a permanent ceasefire and withdrawal of Israeli forces, was first laid out by US President Joe Biden on May 31.

The Security Council resolution says Israel has accepted the plan, and US officials have repeatedly emphasized Israel had agreed to the proposal – despite other hawkish public comments from Netanyahu.

An Israeli statement on Tuesday indicated it was poised to formally sign up to the current ceasefire plan for Gaza, while at the same time maintaining the freedom to keep fighting.

‘We are evaluating it right now’


Hamas has characterized its response to the ceasefire proposal positively, saying its delegates had “expressed its readiness to deal positively to reach an agreement.”

“The response prioritizes the interest of our Palestinian people, the necessity of completely stopping the ongoing aggression against Gaza, and withdrawing from the entire Gaza Strip,” the group said in a statement.

“The Palestinian delegation expressed its readiness to deal positively to reach an agreement to end this war against our people, based on a sense of national responsibility,” it added.

The White House has so far declined to weigh in on Hamas’ response, with White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby telling reporters on Tuesday, “We were in receipt of this reply that Hamas delivered to Qatar and to Egypt, and we are evaluating it right now, and I think that’s really as far as I’m gonna go today,”

Kirby acknowledged Tuesday that it’s “certainly helpful that we have a response…no question about that, I mean we’ve been eagerly awaiting a response,’ but emphasized, “We’ve only just gotten it, our team is going through it, and I understand the Qataris and the Egyptians are as well.”

In a joint statement, Qatar and Egypt also confirmed they had received Hamas’ response, saying they expected “joint mediation efforts with the United States will continue until an agreement is reached.”

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