WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Folks are reacting to the recent announcement from Wichita Public Schools about their facility master plan. 

“This is not going to help our kids. It will help architects and contractors in Wichita make a lot of money,” said Walt Chappell, former state board of education member. 

Chappell is passionate about student achievement and success. He says the recent announcement of the master plan is rushed, unnecessary, and does not have the students' future in mind. 

“They want to close 24 schools, have the kids try to walk much longer distances to get to those schools if they are elementary schools, and bus others. So it's a major major cost with no benefit,” said Chappell. 

The schools current 5-year plan includes rebuilding 8 school facilities, repurposing 3 buildings, enhancing 2 schools, and consolidating 11 buildings. 

“'Consolidate' is another word for close. They closed 6 already in a big fiasco that had nothing to do with facts,” said Chappell. 

He isn’t the only one concerned with this plan or other decisions the board has recently made. 

Fredia Byrd is a grandparent of multiple Wichita Public School students who says she was shocked when the district announced the first round of schools closing. 

“We weren’t kinda told ahead of time it just came up and it was just a surprise,” said Fredia Byrd.

Byrd says the plan to rebuild certain schools makes sense but to consolidate and potentially close more schools would be a disservice. 

“I think we’ll have too many kids in one school. And overcrowding is not good. And then it makes it harder for kids to pay attention. There's a distraction of overcrowding,” said Byrd. 

She says many parents and caregivers care very much about their children’s education- they just need the district to communicate with them.

“Inform us. And then explain to us. Give us an outline of just exactly what you’re gonna do. Help us to understand what you’re gonna do,” said Byrd. 

There is a survey available here from the school district asking for feedback about this potential plan. Be sure to fill that out before the June 27th meeting so the board can hear your feedback.