WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - After being shut down for a little over a month, the city of Wichita said almost all of its forward facing services are back up and running. These are things people use daily, such as public Wi-Fi, bus fares, and bills.

"We had to work from the background to the foreground and so the background work has been happening over the last few weeks before we can turn the system back on," said Wichita's mayor Lily Wu.

She said the city IT department has been working hard to make sure that things are not only working again but are also safe and secure.

After not being able to pay for water and utilities online for the last few weeks, people can once again take care of their bills from the comfort of their home with just a few clicks.

The city says to keep in mind that your payment will probably be higher than you're used to. This is because the cyber incident, "impaired processing bills and payments," and some June bills are for more than 60 days of service.

"If you have any questions regarding your bill we have representatives that will be able to answer the phone and help you," said Mayor Wu.

That number to call is 316-265-1300.

While most systems are back up there are a few that are still down like hold requests at libraries and screens at the airport.

There's also still a lot we don't know about this cyber attack and the city says it can't release any information about the investigation at this time.

We don't know if any personal files were lost, if the city ended up paying anything to get its systems back up, or even what the ransom amount was in the first place. KAKE News has asked the city but they said they can't disclose any information.

"The investigation is still ongoing and we will have more information as soon as we can release that," said Mayor Wu.

When we asked how much longer this investigation will be going on, she said it will still be some time.

KAKE News did fill out a Kansas open records request to try to find out more information about what happened or how the city handled the attack. The city of Wichita public records got back to us and said some information was being withheld for several reasons one of them being because, "disclosure of these records would pose a substantial likelihood of revealing security measures that protect city IT and communication systems."