GODDARD, Kan. (KAKE) - Driving down US-54, you will know you are in Goddard by the many orange cones all around for much needed road work.  

Several projects are taking place in Goddard. The latest began on Monday on the North Frontage roadway area between 199th and Casado all the way to the Seasons Subdivision. 

City Administrator Craig Crossette said the city had to defer maintenance on this area due to budgetary reasons. He said the road has now reached a point of despair which means it will need full-depth construction.   

"There's lots of fleet that go on the road, heavy trucks, etc and after so many years, you know the road reaches the end of its useful life and you just have to tear it all up and start over," said Crossette.  

He also explained the reason for the delay on some of the roadwork.

"We did a bond issue just a few months ago to try to catch up over the last many years we've had one of the lowest mill levy's in Sedgwick County and with that there's been some deferred maintenance," added Crossette.   

Within this corridor are many businesses. Ace Hardware owner Russ Lowen said as a result of the construction, he has definitely taken a hit. 

"There are days it's off 10 percent. There are days it's up a little bit but there's been more negative than positive overall. We're doing the best we can to weather that storm and get through these projects and they're necessary. We have to get them done,"  said Lowen.   

Many people travel to Goddard to run different errands. Cheney resident Jennifer Lutz said people need to plan their visits around the construction. 

"It's going to be kinda hit and miss, it's just going to depend on the timing of the day. I know usually when it's the busier time and the more first thing in the morning and the afternoon when everyone is getting off work, it's going to be kinda congested." 

Crossette said the North Frontage area had wear and tear from traffic and heavy trucks damaging the road.  

He said the city has multiple projects going on in Goddard costing close to 1.8 million dollars. The North Frontage project is close to $750,000.