BAKER COUNTY, Ore. (KAKE) - A man and his dogs were rescued earlier this week after his vehicle plunged off an embankment into a creek in Baker County, Oregon, thanks to one of his pets.

The Baker County Sheriff’s Office received a report at approximately 9:28 a.m. on June 3 about a vehicle over an embankment. The report came from a family member of Brandon Garrett, who had not arrived at his camp the previous afternoon. Family members located his vehicle but were unable to reach it due to the terrain.

On June 2, Garrett was traveling on a highway with his four dogs when he failed to negotiate a curve, causing the vehicle to plummet off the embankment. 

Garrett had only managed to crawl about 100 yards away from the wreck and spent the night in the ravine with three other dogs. Meanwhile, one of the dogs traveled nearly four miles back to the camp to alert his family that something was wrong.

Baker County Sheriff's Office.

Crews responded to the scene and located Garrett’s vehicle and a dog in a steep, brushy ravine. As crews searched for an access point to the creek, they heard Garrett yelling for help.

Garrett was found alive about 100 yards from the vehicle above the creek and was given first aid. Volunteers and U.S. Forest Service employees used chainsaws to clear a path for the rescue team.

Crews used a rescue basket and pulled Garrett across the ravine using a highline rope system. He was later airlifted to a regional hospital for treatment.

The Baker County Search and Rescue Ropes Team set up their equipment and reached Garrett. They secured him in a rescue basket, and he was pulled across the ravine using a highline rope system. Garrett was then transferred to SAR members and medical personnel.

Garrett was transported by Halfway Ambulance to a Life Flight helicopter and airlifted to a regional hospital.

The three remaining dogs were found alive at the crash scene.