Parts of KAKEland were hit with wind gusts of up to 93 mph near Kalvesta, 80 mph near Garden City, 71 mph in Syracuse and wind speeds reached 66 mph at the Wichita Eisenhower Airport. 

Reports of power outages, tree limb damage and downed power lines came in from across the state. 



Severe storms are encroaching on the Kansas border from Colorado, with a history of damaging wind gusts, large hail, and a few tornadoes.

The forecast is still on track for severe storms to sweep eastward across KAKEland this evening and overnight.

The tornado and golf ball-to-baseball-sized hail risk will decrease as individual storms begin to form into a line. The threat of damaging wind gusts from 70 to 85mph will remain as the line shifts eastward.

Here’s a look at the threat and timing tonight:



A majority of your Saturday is looking perfect for any plans you may have, but strong to severe storms are expected in KAKEland by the evening and overnight hours. If you live in the yellow shaded area below, you have the potential for strong storms and a few severe storms, but the greatest potential for strong and severe storms is in the orange shaded area below. Threats in the orange shaded region include hail at or above 2" (size of a lime or egg), wind gusts at or above 70 mph and a few tornadoes. Not everyone will see threats of this intensity, BUT some storms could produce threats at this level. 

Storms fire up this afternoon in eastern Colorado and eventually make their way to the Kansas state line around 6 PM. They linger around western KS from about 6-9 PM and will likely be at their strongest during the event. This is due to high instability, a lot of moisture, shear (change in wind direction and speed), as well as a few other key factors spread around western KS. Parts of northwest KS could even see a few storms producing hail around 3" or greater (size of a large apple)! Very large hail stones will be more isolated in nature, while hail above 2" will be more widespread and common in storms. The threat that has us most concerned though, will be the potential for wind gusts at or above 70 mph. Please secure loose outdoor items before this evening! The potential for wind gusts above 80 mph isn't out of the question...

Storms arrive in central KS well after sunset, around 10 PM to midnight. The intensity of the storms won't be as strong compared to when they were in central KS, but they will still pack a punch! Wind gusts above 70 mph will be the biggest threat in central KS and other threats include hail at or above 1" as well as flooding.

Storms start to lose intensity after midnight while they push into eastern KS. A few lingering showers and storms will be possible near sunrise Sunday, but they will be pretty spotty by that point and NOT severe. 

Please continue to check back with KAKE throughout the day today as final tweaks to the timing and forecast will be made. 

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Meteorologist Brittany Foster