WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)- Last month the doors of Park Elementary closed as students and teachers said goodbye to their school after the Wichita Public Schools Board of Education decided to shut down the school as well as five other schools.

This is because the district is facing a 42-million-dollar budget shortfall.

Thursday morning the city of Wichita announced its plans to take the former Park Elementary and turn it into a new multi-agency homeless shelter.

According to the Wichita city council's city agenda, the city would buy the building from the school district for one dollar.

Since the district decided to shut down the six schools because it's in a budget crisis this leaves some people wondering why the district isn't selling the property for market value.

Stan Reeser, the Wichita public schools board of education president said it's not all about the money and he's excited for this possible sale because it will serve so many people including WPS family members.

"It's important to the school district to be a community partner on all types of projects and this definitely fits that need," said Reeser at the press conference when the announcement was made.

Reeser said if this was a traditional real estate transaction into private ownership then it would definitely undergo market value discussions but because it's for a public entity it's not.

In a statement, he said, "Taxpayers constructed the building as an educational center, and now another tax-supported entity would operate the facility to serve and care for our community's unhoused residents."

He also said this is the responsible way to be good stewards of public tax dollars.

Reeser said the WPS board of education will be voting on this at its meeting Monday night. If it passes the city council will then vote on if the city should pay one dollar for the property to turn it into a homeless shelter at its meeting on Tuesday. This is on the council's agenda.

There will be an open house tomorrow afternoon at the Advanced Learning Library in downtown Wichita where you can go to learn more and talk with representatives.

The district is still having discussions about what to do with the five other closed buildings.