WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Park Elementary recently closed its doors but not for long. City leaders came together on Thursday morning discussing plans to reopen the school, making it a multi-resource center which they will call MAC.    

The school will serve as a one-stop shop for the unhoused population providing them with a variety of resources.  

Vice Mayor Maggie Ballard believes this is a good plan.

"Maybe you needed housing so you come in for housing and while you're there, we're going to get you signed up for SNAP benefits so it would be everything under one roof to help address what every situation may need." 

Ballard added that when they found out about the closure, they felt the school would be the perfect location.  

She said transportation is a citywide issue and having everything close together makes the likelihood for success of their plan higher.  

 "It already has over 40 resources, services or organizations within a two-mile radius of Park Elementary so it's kind of in the thick of all of the services,"  added Ballard.   

Historic Midtown’s President Makayla Welch said the organization has supported the unhoused for a long time. 

Welch adds it is supportive of this project but said neighbors have concerns over homelessness in Midtown.  

"Well now we're going to have them at park elementary and the concern that they're experiencing is what it's going to do for their property taxes, they don't have any relief on that,"  added Welch.   

She said she is positive that this can be worked through with the City.  

The plan is to also use Park Elementary as the 2024/25 winter shelter.  

Ballard said she knows the city is unable to do this alone. Which is why it has invited other nonprofits to help. Like the Crisis Center, HumanKind and more.  

Ballard urges the community to come out on Saturday to the Advanced Learning Library for an informative meeting about the plan.