WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Holes in the glass and boarded up windows. That’s the reality for two local businesses after their storefronts were shot at. 

“Please stop, you know, hurting our local businesses cause we all want to survive and live and do well,” said Thai Nguyen, Riddle’s Jewelry manager. 

Riddle’s Jewelry captured security video that shows a suspect stalking around the exterior of the store, then shoots randomly at multiple windows. Management says there are more than 10 holes across multiple windows that are believed to have been made using a high power BB gun. 

“It’s definitely disheartening. It’s frustrating. You're kinda angry because you feel violated. This is our home and Wichita has been our home for 10 years,” said Nguyen. 

Security video shows the suspect driving off in a four-door white Chevy Avalanche. 

Riddle’s says it’s recovering from thousands of dollars worth of damage, and isn’t the only business that’s experienced this recently. 

Parrot-Fa-Nalia is a boutique shop on Hillside that’s been around for 55 years. 

“And I had my front windows blown out about a month ago and then the ones on Hillside a couple weeks ago,” said Nancy Blum, Parrot-Fa-Nalia owner. 

Blum has concerns that other businesses are also experiencing damage from random bouts of violence in the community. 

“Called the police and I was talking to him and he said, 'yeah there’s been some windows being broken out all over town.' I think someone must have gotten a new BB gun for their birthday or something you know,” said Blum. 

She says there were also more than 10 holes that left her with thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

“Plus then you have to pay someone to put the wood up. There’s a shortage of glass and it’s taking longer cause there’s so many glasses out,” said Blum. 

The business owners have filed police reports. They wish for justice and for no other businesses to fall victim.