WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - It's normal while driving around in any city to see an occasional abandoned, boarded-up house, but it's usually not entire neighborhoods like some areas of Wichita, and the city is hoping to fix that.

"More like an abandoned type of area. More like you would say oh, could be someone that's homeless just walking through and just wants to take shelter in something," said Cammeron Richardson.

This is how Richardson describes the neighborhood he raises his family in near 25th and Grove where you find street after street of boarded-up homes just rotting away.

"They should be able to, you know, get somebody to get in and redo it and make it look nice and bring the value back up in the neighborhood," said Richardson.

The city owns the abandoned homes that surround him, and even though city leaders recently decided to sell them all, they agreed with Richardson that there was more they could do.

"This is really a test. Can we bring up whole neighborhoods if we do a targeted investment," Wichita Director of Housing Sally Stang explained.

Stang is talking about $5 million worth of ARPA funds the city set aside for its Affordable Housing Fund.

The program will give approved home buyers or developers up to $40,000 per house to remodel or rebuild.

"We want to watch and see if we can actually help bring up property values all throughout those two neighborhoods," said Stang.

Stang says the program was supposed to start in May, but it got delayed because of the recent cyberattack. When it finally went live last week, she says she couldn't believe what happened.

"We had over 500 interested parties on the direct email list. And we are getting a lot, and a lot of questions. And we're very excited about this," said Stang.

Being in one of only two neighborhoods in the pilot program, Richardson says he's hopeful it will finally bring life again to the area.

"Hope that you know, it does good you know? Something that's not gonna bring just any and everybody into the city that doesn't care," said Richardson.

If you’re interested in applying for the Affordable Housing Fund either as a homeowner or a landlord, click here.