WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - For the fifth time this year, Evergy has confirmed that they shut the power off at Towne West Square on Tuesday morning after they failed to pay their electricity bill.

Power outage issues have stemmed from non-payment by the mall's owner, the Kohan Retail Investment Group. The issues began in June of last year, when Kohan paid the electric bill just in time to keep the lights from going off. In early September, Evergy cut the power for a few hours before Kohan made a payment. It happened again in November. 

Power was disconnected twice in February, as well as in late March, and in April. In addition, water service was shut off in December and earlier this month.

When we reached out to Evergy, they said in a release:

Kohan Retail Investment Group has again fallen delinquent on the electricity bill for Towne West Mall. Evergy disconnected electricity service to the mall this morning. The larger stores at the mall have separate accounts that remain in good standing and are not subject to disconnection.

Almost six hours after power was shut off, Evergy has confirmed that Kohan Retail Investment Group has paid their bill and power has been turned back on at Towne West Square.