WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Driving down Douglas in downtown Wichita, things are looking a little different. There are roads blocked off and streets are lined with food truck vendors, festival decorations, carnival rides, and more as the city prepares for its 52nd annual Riverfest.

Outside of Century II workers were putting on the final touches on the main stage Thursday afternoon. Throughout the festival several artists will perform on the stage for all to enjoy.

"What I love most is seeing our community come together and knowing how hard everyone has worked," said CEO of Wichita Festivals Nancy Duling.

She's been helping plan Riverfest since the festival ended last year and can't wait to see it come to life. She says they are expecting more than 300,000 people to attend.

From May 31st to June 8th there will be more than 70 different events for festival goers to enjoy. Some of these include a food court, live concerts, carnival rides, River Run, and so much more.

"It's great to hear people share, I remember when this or when I was little this is what we used to do and I want my family to experience it too," said Duling. This is the festival's 52nd year and it's been a beloved tradition for generations in Wichita. 

While the festival will offer the fan favorite activities, people look forward to all year, it's also adding nine new events.

"We have Opera Kansas, Rave at Wave, we have the great American kites," she said.

She says they are also adding a third firework show in the middle of the week to keep the turnout strong during the week.

Throughout the week workers have been out rain or shine setting up the festival and putting on the finishing touches. Outside of Century II the iconic Riverfest sign stands tall waiting to welcome people to another fun filled year.

Duling says there's truly something for everyone. For a list of events click here.

"We try to find something that children to adults will be able to enjoy," she said.

In order for everyone to have fun, it needs to be safe. Emergency personnel says they are on top of it.

"The safety and security of everyone attending including those working is paramount," said Andrew Ford with the Wichita Police Department.

Ford says WPD is teaming up with fire department, Sedgwick County emergency management, and EMS to help keep the festival safe.

Ford is asking people to pack their patience when they come to the event. Take your time when driving and be aware of pedestrians. He says it's a good idea to take photos of anyone, especially children, because if they get lost you can show first responders what they were wearing that day. He also says if you see anything suspicious report it to police immediately.

"We all can work together to make this a fun and safe event," he said.

In order to attend you need a Riverfest button. These can be purchased outside the festival at red booths or at a local QuikTrip. Buttons are 20 dollars for adults and ten dollars for children 5-11. Children five and under get in for free.