MCCURTAIN COUNTY, Okla. (KAKE) - Officials in Oklahoma say a man recently broke a record with the catch of a 95-pound flathead catfish.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation says the fish caught in a trotline was almost 20 pounds larger than the rod and reel record at Pine Creek Reservoir, located in the state's southeast corner. 

"Bradly Courtright caught this MASSIVE 95-pound flathead catfish in Pine Creek Reservoir on a trotline," the department posted on social media. "Bradly's catch is the largest flathead ever caught in Pine Creek!"

"This fish is almost 20 pounds larger than the rod and reel record but 11 pounds short of the unrestricted division record - which was caught on a trotline in 1977 in Wister Reservoir," the post added.

Commenters on the post congratulated Courtright on his catch.

"Bet it was interesting fighting this monster on a trotline. Nice one. fish of a lifetime," one person said.

"What a monster of a fish!" said another commenter.

However, a few people expressed their disappointment with the fate of the catfish.

"Amazing fish. Disappointing that it was killed," one person commented.

The ODWC replied, stating: Flatheads are a common species here in Oklahoma, and this one was legally harvested with a license that goes back to funding the resource! Bradly stayed within the limit AND used what was caught. This is a great catch all around ??