WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - It’s officially swimming season in Wichita as hundreds of people enjoyed a hot Memorial Day at the public pools across the city. And this year, with some big security enhancements.

Kids like Xavier and Jamari packed in at the Minisa public pool on Monday to enjoy the first day of the swimming season.

"I just feel good. I'm just swimming with my cousin," said Xavier.

"It's everything. The grass is super hot. I love it. Super hot and we be laying on it," said Jamari.

While the lifeguards watch out for the people inside the pools, now security is watching for crime outside of the facilities as the city spent time and money closing pools and repairing vandalism in previous years.

"We do have cameras that are pools now. And so we are able to monitor those remotely. We are able to notify PD if somebody is in the facility when they're not supposed to be. And we also have alarms on those facilities now as well," said Wichita Aquatic Director Joe Martin.

Martin says another challenge each year is finding enough help, but he says hiring is also looking good this year.

"We've had a really successful hiring season. We've had quite a few lifeguards that have come on board with us. We're in the process of recertifying [the] ones that are coming back to us, and then we're in the process of certifying all of the new ones. In total, I believe we've hired somewhere in the ballpark of 90 lifeguards," Martin explained.

Jamari says he'll be back, and his one complaint is something that only a little time in the sun can solve.

"Cold! And it feels refreshing... I like it, but it's kind of too cold," Jamari said.

There are six public pools across the city, each of them with free swim days throughout the year. Click here for more information.