RENO COUNTY, Kan. (KAKE) - People living in Reno County spent most of Monday cleaning up the streets, and their yards after the damaging storm that rolled through Sunday night.

"I've lived in Kansas a long time. Nothing like this has happened around here. Decades to my knowledge," says South Hutchinson resident Jake Phipps. "So this severity is pretty strange."

While not a lot of structural damage was reported in South Hutchinson Sunday night, there were a lot of downed powerlines, and uprooted trees in people's yards throughout the community.

Phipps said that he came home last night to bent sheet metal in his yard, as well as an uprooted tree, one of the last ones near his house still living.

"The storm decided to hit a little soon and wanted to take one of the living ones, probably the best one," Phipps said.

The storm also took out several electric poles in both Hutchinson and South Hutch.

Much of Reno County as of Monday night remains without power.

"Loves and Kwik Shop down south lost power for a while," said South Hutchinson City Manager Jeff Schenk. "We lost power at our wastewater treatment facility, three of our lift stations and the small water tower. And so we had to have crews coming in and make sure all the generators were running and everything is fueled up."

Also in Reno County, the town of Haven saw substantial damage.

The winds even blowing off the roof of the Reno County fire station.

Haven's mayor Adam Wright said that he is happy to see everyone helping out in the cleanup efforts.

"We've come together as a community. Your neighbor is your best friend at the moment and just to have the community organization of people joining together to help out is a lot."

Wright said that as of Monday night most of the town is still without power, and it may not be back up until Wednesday.