WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - With just a few clicks Kansas residents are able to have free legal advice.   

This program is called Free Legal Answers offered through the American Bar Association.  

Attorneys registered to the site are able to answer many civil questions but not criminal.  

"And those are broken down into categories on the website when you submit so that might be a question about a contract or finances. It might also be a family dispute or domestic dispute," said public defender Mitch Biebighauser. 

The program has been online since May 1. 

Biebighauser said he has already seen an outpouring of responses from Kansas residents in need of legal assistance.  

"There are a lot of people in Wichita that don't have the means to hire an attorney and it's just a fact and we see a lot of those and wanna be able to help with this new service and i think that's a fantastic idea," added Sedgwick County law librarian.  

The program is geared toward people unable to afford an attorney but need legal advice. It also helps people in rural Kansas who are unable to access an attorney to do so.  

After submitting a question online, an attorney registered with the American Bar Association’s Free Legal Answers will get back to you.  

Attorneys will continue to interact with you until your inquiry is resolved.  

Response time could take up to 30 days. 

Kansas Legal Services is another way to get legal advise. KLS is a non-profit law firm and community education organization that helps low to moderate income Kansans with legal and mediation services. 

The DRC is a program offering free legal and advocacy services to Kansans with disabilities.

The KCSDV Legal Assistance for Victims Project provides free legal assistance to sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking survivors with a focus and emphasis on non-intimate partner sexual violence.