WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! The City of Wichita says goats with Restoration Grazing, LLC have been sent to clear brush from city grounds starting this weekend.

The city said Friday that the goats will make their return to Wichita this Saturday to remove three acres of invasive bush honeysuckle and other undesirable underbrush. The goats will be working just west of Botanica near Sim Park Road. 

The last time the goats were in Wichita was last June when they cleared five acres of brush from Sim Park. 

Rex Rutledge, owner of Restoration Grazing LLC, says the goats' goals go beyond just clearing brush. They want to educate people about the benefits of using goats.

"I think this could be a lifesaver for lots of people," Rutledge said. "Here we're mainly grazing for brush mitigation but in other parts of the country they are grazing literally to save their homes from burning on fire."

The city said that the goats are estimated to be working near Sim Park for 10-14 days.