WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - If you think your rent is high, just look at your childcare bill. Child Care Aware of America's latest report shows, Kansas is one of 11 states where child care is at least twice the cost of rent.

The newest report says the high daycare costs are attributed to parents with two kids. In Wichita, if you send two kids to daycare, prices could range anywhere from $1600 to $2400 a month. 

"The price of childcare has to go up because everything else has gone up also. So in order for us to pay our employees a decent wage, we have to go up on our prices,” said Margo Jones, Owner/CEO OF Kids World Childcare Learning Center.

Jones’ facility is licensed for 59 kids. To give them quality care before they start school, Jones says she has to pay her employees at least $11 an hour. So, she has to charge parents more. 

Her prices for infants, $1,200 a month, toddlers and 2-year-olds $1,000 a month, 3-year-olds are $900 a month and for 4 and 5-year-olds $840 a month. 

“We have to be able to charge enough to pay overhead. Got expenses, taxes, and all that stuff that takes care, you know, we have to put all that into a business as well as paying our employees,” said Jones.

Child Care Aware of America's latest annual report, released Wednesday shows if you have two kids and live in one of 11 states, including Kansas, or Washington DC, child care costs at least twice as much as rent.

Government assistance helps Kids World with expenses, but it's still hard for parents to afford daycare. 

"If we were paying the sticker price of childcare, and we weren't getting some of that help. It would be twice what our rent is, even at a more affordable daycare,” said Rebekah Sturgill, a daycare parent.

Sturgill says it's a decision between growing her career or staying at home to take care of her son, Cash. 

"'We're already really plugged in with a lot of our jobs. My husband and I are both teachers. So do we have the extra income and then use it towards childcare? Do we give up some of those really precious things that are helping our community and staying home," said Sturgill.

Jones adds compared to other places in Kansas, living in Wichita is affordable. 

"If you try some other places like Overland Park, Kansas City, their prices are even higher, because their wages are higher,” said Jones.

With daycare employees starting out at $11 an hour they have to have credentials in first aid, CPR, and child development just to qualify.