OSAGE COUNTY, Okla. (KAKE) - A sheriff in Oklahoma still says serial killer, Dennis Rader is hit top suspect in the disappearance of 16-year-old Cynthia Kinney.

Kinney was last seen at Osage Laundry on Kiheka Ave. in Pawhuska Oklahoma in 1976. The sheriff has been looking into Rader as a possible suspect for over a year now and says he's still getting new evidence pointing to him. 

Cindy Kinney and Kiheka appear in a wordsearch puzzle that Rader sent to the media 20 years ago.

"You know undeniable the things that relate to Cindy Kinney's case and what's in their," said Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden.

Cindy Kinney, Kiheka and Osage. These words all relate to the missing person Cynthia Kinney's case in some way and they're just some of the words that have been hidden in the puzzle. Sheriff Virden said this gives him more reason to believe Dennis Rader is responsible for her disappearance. 

The words aren't connected straight across but instead it looks to be a jumble. This is consistent with other clues, including the names of his known victims and his address.

"You know right now he's the top suspect. The one we are looking at," said Virden. "You know I don't know what the odds of all of that being in one thing without it being an intentional act by someone."

Virden also showed KAKE News a log Rader kept of all the places he traveled to.

"You can tell on the list Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri. He did a lot of activity on there," Virden said.

He says that Rader was very methodical with the clues he left and this isn't a coincidence.

"We're evaluating. We believe he had a reason to create anything he sent to media and to law enforcement," said Virden.

He wants Rader to know this investigation is far from over.

"We're not only going over new information and other things but we're also going over other clues and things he sent before he was arrested," Virden said.