‘Disturbing’: Man seen spraying fuel on woman’s home before setting it on fire

SHORELINE, Wash. (KING) – A woman in Washington is fearing for her life after a man appeared to target her home on camera.

Video released by authorities shows a man walking up to April Brown’s home and spraying some sort of fuel all over the house in the early hours of Friday before sunrise.

“Squirts my bedroom knowing I’m in there. He squirts my bedroom knowing I’m in there. You know, that’s kind of disturbing,” Brown said.

The gravity of the situation is hitting home for Brown, who realizes how close she was to losing her life.

“I was in bed asleep,” she said. “I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was just in bed asleep and someone wanted me to die in a fire.”

In just moments, the house was lit up, with the front door on fire. Brown was just a few feet away.

She said neighbors alerted her to the situation and helped her escape.

“I feel like my neighbors saved my life,” she said.

When she was safe, Brown called 911 and told them her house was on fire.

Fortunately, whatever was used to set her home on fire didn’t work very well because the damage done was minor.

Brown said she can’t understand why anyone would do this to her.

She said she wonders if the suspect may be a landscaper because of his comfort in using a garden sprayer to soak down her home.

Now, she just wants to feel safe in her own home again.

“The crying, crying a lot. Being emotional. My friends feeling sad for me. My family is worried sick,” she said.

She said she can’t help but worry for her safety now every time she goes to bed.

“So a complete stranger...wants me dead,” she said. “They have to solve this and arrest this guy.”

The Shoreline Police Department is still looking for a motive for the arson. They’re asking anyone with information to contact them by texting the word “ARSON” to 206-448-4545.