WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Tuesday, Wichita's air quality index was at 121, with the main pollutant as PM2.5 because of smoke in the air.

The City of Wichita said that means the air quality is 'unhealthy for sensitive groups', including the elderly, and children.

Jessica Adams and her family thought it was a nice day for a stroll through Sedgwick County Park. However, her 10-year-old son Jeremy often gets nosebleeds when the air is bad.

"We were just walking. And he turned around and said something to me, gave me a flower and walked a few more steps and turned around again. And he just had a bloody nose," Adams said. "He doesn't get them very often. But the days that he does get them are kind of when it's hazy, or extremely dry out."

Officials say the haze is from wildfires burning in Canada. The smoke has moved all the way from the Dakotas down to Kansas.

In Minnesota, unhealthy air pollution levels prompted warnings from health officials for everyone to stay inside.

Colin Tran isn't too worried about the smoke's effect on him, saying he keeps active. However, he does have an underlying health issue.

"When I was growing up, I had asthma," Tran said. "But I mean, I think that the fact that I've, you know, been constantly active, you know, I think it's helped out a lot with my lungs and breathing."

Wichita was spared the worst of the haze, however Topeka and Kansas City Tuesday reported some of the worst air quality numbers in the country.