HARVEY COUTY, Kan. (KAKE) - Voters in Harvey County have passed a bond that will add additions and improvements to multiple USD 440 schools.

The bond of no more than $28,500,000 will towards:

Bentley Primary School: Additions, improvements and renovations including secured entry, site improvements, and renovation and modernization of library, classrooms, cafeteria, restrooms, special education areas, and gymnasium.

Halstead Middle School: Site improvements, renovation and modernization of Pre-K classrooms, cafeteria and restrooms, and a new entrance for facility activities.

Halstead High School: A 7th and 8th grade addition, weight room and girls’ locker room addition, administration offices and conference room addition, performing arts and rehearsal space classroom addition, renovations and modernization of auditorium, classrooms, and industrial arts spaces; and secured entry addition and improvements.

All district facilities: A replacement press box at the football facility and new softball and baseball fields; and (e) make all other necessary improvements related thereto.