SHARON, Kan. (KAKE) - Kim Sibley and three others were burning wood and garbage in a cellar in his backyard in Sharon, when things took a terrifying turn.

"The back window, and the side window got blown out in a little explosion," Sibley said. "I mean, I mean a big explosion. It was scary."

Sibley's girlfriend's son in law, and two other people were badly burned in the explosion, but the Kansas Fire Marshal's office said that they're going to be okay.

"One agent was in route to the hospital to try to interview individuals that would have been there," said Fire Marshal Spokesman Lance Feyh. "I think we had two males and one female unknown ages at this point."

Feyh said that it's easy for a controlled burn to get out of hand in an enclosed area.

"Clearly, when you think of the control burn most the time, individuals thinking about burning like a field, or prairie grass fire sort of thing," Feyh said. "This happened to be a structure."

The Fire Marshal's office is continuing to investigate the circumstances of the explosion.

In the meantime, Sibley just hopes everyone who was hurt makes a full recovery.