WICHITA, Kan. – Imagine a group that craves the energy of young people, whether they know it or not, who may be looking for a strong adult to help lead.

That is what inspired Teon Wilson to help launch Prime Fit Youth Foundation.  The group calls for “more inclusive communities by nurturing the potential of marginalized youth”

“We serve 700 kids every day but we check on them,” said Wilson.  “Make sure they ate last night, they’ve got food.”

Prime Fit is all throughout USD 259, including schools like Spaght Science & Communications Magnet and Lawrence Elementary, among many others. Places where the adults can connect with the young people.

“I never got to see NFL football players, a lot of professionals like doctors or lawyers from my neighborhood in Mississippi,” said   I wanted to bring that to kids.  That’s why we work to bring all of these professionals into the school system, they can see that, they can feel that.”

Wilson says the students love seeing themselves or seeing someone who reminds them of themselves.  That is how the adults also show their love and that they have a sincere commitment to helping them achieve the best path to growing up. 

For more information: www.primefityouthfoundation.org