WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - As the City of Wichita continues dealing with a cyberattack, water customers are unable to pay their bills online. 

The city said Monday that bills can still be paid via cash, check and money order at City Hall or by mailing payment. Payments may also be made at retail outlets like Walmart and Dillons.

All water systems are functioning normally, and anyone having difficulty paying their bill will not receive penalties or late fees until the cyber incident is resolved.

"During the data breach, we will not be shutting off any water accounts," the city said. "Those who have experienced a water shut off may bring a $150 payment or proof of $150 payment to City Hall and their water will be reconnected."

The Water Call Center cannot view account information, but you can speak wit a representative by calling 316-265-1300. In the event of a water emergency, call 316-262-6000.

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One of the biggest impacts so far for Wichita residents during the cyberattack is not being able to pay water bills online. Your only option until systems are back online is to go old school and pay in person. Friday, KAKE News took a trip to City Hall to show you what to expect.

"I was a little unsure because it's my first time paying in person," said Wichita resident Rocio Limones.

Like many Wichitans, Limones' water bill is due, and thanks to the recent cyberattack, paying it isn't exactly easy.

"It's always better for us to pay, you know, on the phone or online. So I had to come all the way here just to pay in cash, because they told us that we couldn't pay with card," said Limones.

Andrew Van Tassell with Wichita Public Works says the city is doing everything it can to make sure getting your bill paid is as easy as possible.

"There should be no disruption to services. We're not shutting off any customers for non-payment until we have the incident wrapped up,' said Van Tassell.

Since most Wichita residents have probably never even been to city hall, this is what to expect.

First, you need to get cash for however much your bill is, a money order, or find your checkbook, and bring a copy of your bill.

Once you get to City Hall, Van Tassell says there's not much to it.

"You'll park, you can park in our parking lot or use the parking spaces out front that have meters on them. And then you'll come in through the front door. Security will greet you, you'll go through security, and then you'll just walk right in and to the left to our Express Pay," Van Tassell explained.

Once the waiting light in line turns green, just walk up to the counter, hand over the cash or fill out the check, and you're done.

Limones says it was definitely inconvenient having to pay in person, but now that she knows how, next time will be a breeze.

"I went to security, and then I went to the people up front. It was pretty quick," said Limones.

"Hopefully, our IT department and the vendors that we're working with will get this result resolved quickly, and it'll be back to normal operations," said Van Tassell.

Van Tassell says your other option is to simply not pay until the system is back online. He says the city isn't charging penalties or late fees and is not disconnecting anyone's water during this attack.