WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Almost every single department in the city of Wichita has been impacted by the cyberattack that happened Sunday night.

"Every department within the city of Wichita is just trying its best right now to go about day to day operations," said Wichita Mayor Lily Wu.

The Wichita fire fighter's union says the system that alerts fire fighters when there's a call in their area is down so now the department is having to monitor their radios 24/7 to make sure they don't miss a call.

"We're on for 24 hours so having to monitor the radios when normally you'd be sleeping is a hardship," said the Union's vice president Dustin Winter.

He says usually firefighters can sleep throughout the night because if something happens all the lights will turn on and an alarm will sound but that's not happening right now.

The Fraternal Order of Police says the Wichita Police Department is also having to change things up a bit to work through changes the outage caused.

"The Fraternal Order of Police is aware of the cybersecurity incident and have been working closely with Chief Sullivan and his command staff to ensure that our officers have the necessary resources to maintain exceptional service standards. While the incident has caused some more traditional methods to get the mission accomplished, rest assured that the dedicated men and women of the Wichita Police Department are diligently working to uphold our commitment to exceptional customer service and public safety," said the FOP's president in a statement to KAKE News.

The FOP didn't specify what those changes are. KAKE News asked Wichita's Mayor Lily Wu if she had any information for how WPD has been impacted but she said to reach out the police department. 

"WPD has been impacted by the recent incident affecting the City's network, we implemented continuity measures to mitigate the impact," it said in a statement.

Both police and fire said they are committed to keeping the community safe while navigating these issues.

First responders aren't the only ones being impacted. Right now the departure and arrival screens are off at Eisenhower airport, buses can only take cash, and the Wifi is down at some library locations. 

The city says it has no idea when things might be back and running. But when it does it will update it's alert website. This answers questions like how to make water payments, what areas are impacted, and more. 

"We just ask for people to be patient with us as we try to mitigate some of the things that have happened. We also just ask the community to give us some grace as we try to navigate through this," said Mayor Wu.

As the city is working to figure out the cyber attack and get things back to normal here's a list of places impacted.

Libraries: Public Wi-Fi is available at the Alford, Angelou, Libby, Rockwell and Westlink branches. Staff can check out materials, but checking in materials, pulling holds and transferring materials between locations might be paused. Public Wi-Fi is not available at the Advanced Learning Library and the Evergreen and Walters branches. Staff email through the City network, library website, most databases, online catalog, self-service print release stations, self-check stations may all be affected. Automated materials handler at the Advanced Learning Library – place returns in the manual book drop.

CityArts, Cowtown and Indian Museum: Events are as scheduled. Payments will only be accepted by cash or check.

Century II, Botanica and the Wichita Art Museum: Not affected.

Public Safety: There is no expected impact for those needing public safety assistance. Both Wichita fire and Wichita police are responding to calls for service and utilizing paper reports.

Wichita Animal Shelter: Phone system is not always working and computer system is down. If you have lost your pet, please go in person to look for your pet. 24 Petconnect cannot be updated and they are unable to take credit card payments. If you are to come and reclaim your lost pet, you need to bring cash.

City Transit: Riders must pay with cash.

Eisenhower Airport: No public wi-fi is available at the terminal, and arrival and departure screens are not currently working. Flights are operating normally. 

Water Department: While all water systems are secure and functioning normally, payments must be paid by cash at City Hall, or through the mail. Water shut offs and auto payments are suspended during the outage. If you have had your water shut off, bring payment or proof of payment to City Hall in order to be reconnected.

Municipal Court: All scheduled dockets will proceed as planned. There is no walk in docket at this time. Payments to Municipal Court may be made in person. At this time, only cash and check are being accepted.

Licenses: May be paid for and obtained by coming to City Hall. 

City vendors: Contact city liaison for more information.

Purchasing: Bid opening for this Friday, May 10, is cancelled. Any Request for Bid, Proposal, or Qualifications with a stated Due Date of May 10, 2024 are deferred until 10:00am Friday May 17, 2024. Please call the Purchasing Office at 316-268-4636 for any questions or technical assistance.

Landfill: Accepting cash only.

Parks and Recreation: All golf and recreation activities may still be paid for via check or cash at City Hall, or at the location of the class or recreational activity. The Park and Recreation App is also still available and working. 

City meetings: Plan to attend any City meetings in person. 

Resource centers: Wi-fi and phones are currently down. Unless otherwise noted, all scheduled events services are operational. 

Planning: All planning activities will continue. Payments may be made with cash or check. 

MABCD: There is no expected interruption to MABCD activities.

Housing/Community Services: At this time, staff are working to serve those needing Housing and Community services Assistance as well as we can. Staff will contact those needing service as soon as possible.