WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - It was a chaotic and unexpected morning in one neighborhood in south Wichita. As neighbors walked out the door ready to start their day they were greeted with a giant tree on the ground and a sink hole about 10 feet long with two cars in it.

"We knew that the tree was done, didn't know the sink hole was there so when I came out of the house it was like oh my God," said Alice Dittmar who lives directly next door to the house where the sinkhole happened.

She says she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw two of her neighbors cars were swallowed by one large sinkhole.

"I've seen a sinkhole before but not in my front yard. I've never seen a sinkhole in person with cars in it," she said.

Dittmar was one of many neighbors who spent their mornings standing outside Market and Morris in south Wichita and watched as city workers removed the two cars and cleared the tree.

The neighbor it happened to said he was too shaken to speak on camera but this was an emotional day for him. He said the tree that fell down was his favorite. His kids spent their childhood playing on a swing that hung from it and now its gone. He also said he's paid off the Jeep Cherokee, the car that was further in the hole.

"I feel really bad for him," said another neighbor Lachaelle Shay.

She says she noticed the water leak and wishes she had tried to find it before things got really bad.

Dispatch says it got a call about a water leak in the area around 3 a.m. The water department went to check it out and the sinkhole was not there. Then when neighbors walked out around 4:30 a.m. they saw the tree on the ground and discovered the sinkhole.

"None of us heard it. I mean it must have kind of slowly laid over," said Dittmar.

Neighbors also said their water is off and they don't know when it will be back on. We asked the city for more information but have not heard back.

City workers were out all day working to clear the scene. They got the two cars out of the sinkhole and removed most of the tree with the stump still in the yard. They also filled in the sinkhole and blocked it off with orange barriers and yellow tape.

There were no injuries reported.

Experts say a sinkhole forms when water seeps into the soil and causes the limestone to dissolve.