WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - If you're trying to access some city websites, you may get a "This site can't be reached" message.  

The city of Wichita said it is a victim of a cyberattack and had to turn off its computer network as a result.  

Cyber security educator Logan Rhamy said when this happens, it is usually because someone innocently clicked a bad link.  

He adds this can happen with someone having more access to information than others.  

"For instance the teller at the bank doesn't have the same access as the ceo of the bank so if you target the teller at the bank you have to build up in attacks to get higher and higher to get the access and privilege," said Rhamy.   

Rhamy said this is usually ransomware which is a computer virus that locks files.  

"It will pull up a message that says either pay us or we're going to delete your data, destroy your data, we're going to send it out to the internet," added Rhamy.   

The attack happened Sunday. 

The city shut down its computer network affecting access to some sites like the public library.  

Rhamy does not feel this attack is targeted but said it can still have a huge impact.  

For more updates on this attack, you can visit the City of Wichita.