WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Lawmakers could be back in Topeka soon, passing more laws affecting the lives of Kansans, even though they've already adjourned until next year.

The Governor's office said she would veto the tax cut package lawmakers passed just before they went home, and call a special session for them to come up with a better plan.

Friends University Political Science Professor Dr. Russell Arben Fox said that he's expecting Gov. Laura Kelly to call a special legislative session sometime soon.

"She's going to follow through on her promise, and she's going to call them back, probably within the month to once again, see if they can come up with a tax cut bill that she will be able to support," Fox said.

Republicans and Democrats have been working to come up with a tax plan that Kelly could sign, with Republicans wanting a single-rate tax, and Democrats wanting a plan that won't cause a budget deficit in the future.

"We've been through the Brownback tax experiment," said Democratic Rep. KC Ohaebosim. "We saw what happened right here in Wichita, USD 259 had to make some cuts, our surrounding school districts had to make some cuts, social services had to get cut. And that's something that the governor was like, "No," she wasn't feeling comfortable signing this particular tax bill."

However, taxes won't be the only thing on the minds of lawmakers once they're called back.

In the closing days of the session, lawmakers held hearings on how to take advantage of Kansas City, Missouri's decision to deny a bond to build a new stadium for the Royals and renovate Arrowhead Stadium.

"It's very likely that you'll see at least a couple of things come back with a plan to create some kind of package of subsidies to try to encourage Kansas City, Missouri professional teams to maybe build their stadiums on the Kansas side of the state line," Fox said. "And there's going to be a few other issues that are of particular concern to specific legislators."

Speaking on this week's 'Kansas Week,' Rep. Nick Hoheisel said he's encouraged by efforts to have the teams move to the Kansas side of the state line.

"I believe with the utilization of star bonds, amongst other things that we can get there," Hoheisel said. "And we can offer a package that is competitive, even more competitive, to whatever Missouri is going to offer the Chiefs and or the Royals to stay."

Republicans attempted to override Kelly's last veto of a tax plan but fell a single vote short in the Senate.