LAWRENCE, Kan. (KAKE) - Pro-Palestine protests have been happening on college campuses across the nation for days and the University of Kansas is no exception.

Protesters were there all day, asking the university for certain demands and they took their concerns straight to the chancellor’s office.

Protestor Jen, who only wants to go by her first name, explains their demands.

“Our demands are to divest, disclose demilitarize, and as well as provide amnesty for students, facility, and staff,” said Jen. 

They want to know the university’s ties to Israel and to divest all ties to its government and military interests.

Jen says the university is not allowing them to encamp at night, and is taking any supplies they leave out.

“It feels like a slap in the face, especially after speaking to the chancellor himself, and having him tell me as a Palestinian that my identity is important and my right to protest is valued and respected,” said Jen. 

She is referencing the Chancellor’s statement from December 6 of last year.

“We strive to ensure that KU is a place where Palestinian, Israeli, Arab, Jewish, and Muslim-identified students, staff, and faculty are safe. We rigorously safeguard rights of free expression and academic freedom while vehemently rejecting hate.”


There was one pro-Israel protester on campus who didn’t want to be interviewed. We also reached out to KU for a comment, but they did not immediately respond. But Attorney General Kris Kobach notes Kansas law prohibits KU from granting pro-Hamas protesters' demands. As for the protesters, they plan to continue to protest until their demands are met.