WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - The Wichita Police Department has released the latest crime statistics for the city up to April 30, 2024, compared to last year and the five-year average.

In the latest crime stat update from the department, WPD shares that there has been an 86% increase in criminal homicide compared to last year. There has also been a 14% increase in auto theft compared to 2023.

WPD says violent crime is down 8% compared to 2023 and down 7% compared to the five-year average. Compared to last year, there has been a decline of 47% in rape cases and a 12% decrease in robberies. 

The department says they are monitoring a slight increase in part one property crime, up 1% compared to 2023 and 2% compared to the five-year average.

"We're encouraged by the decrease in violent crime, and there's more work ahead to keep Wichita safe," WPD said. "We'll keep engaging with our community to keep our city safe for everyone!"